APPS 1.03 Membership on Standing Committees

Department of Accounting 

McCoy College of Business Administration 

Texas State University 

PPS 1: Organization and Stakeholders

APPS 1: Organization and Stakeholders 


APPS 1.03 Membership on Standing Committees 


The purpose of this document is to establish policies and procedures governing standing committees within the Department of Accounting of the McCoy College of Business. The Department follows College policies but differs in required committees and composition. 


Graduate Admissions Committee

The Graduate Admissions Committee for the MAcy  program reviews applications for admission to the  graduate program. The review process is conducted as described in APPS 2.04.02, “Student Selection.” Membership of the MAcy Admissions Committee is comprised of the Department representative to the McCoy College Graduate Policies Committee and accounting faculty members appointed by the Department chair. . 

Alumni Success Committee 

The Alumni Success Committee is responsible for tracking alumni success, maintaining contact with alumni and collecting data on alumni satisfaction with the department and its programs. The Alumni Success Committee maintains a database of Department alumni and is in charge of conducting alumni surveys. All participating accounting faculty (as defined in CBAPPS 2.06, “Participating/Supporting Faculty; Voting at College Faculty Meetings”), the Department Chair and members of the Accounting Advisory Board are eligible to serve on the Alumni Success Committee. Members are appointed by the Department Chair. 

Curriculum Committee 

The Curriculum Committee acts on undergraduate and graduate policies and curriculum issues. All participating Department faculty (as defined in CBAPPS 2.06, “Participating/Supporting Faculty; Voting at College Faculty Meetings”) are members of the Curriculum Committee and may vote on undergraduate program policies and curriculum issues. Only participating Department faculty holding graduate faculty status as described in APPS 4.03, “Appointment to Graduate Faculty” may vote on graduate program policies and curriculum issues. 

Faculty Development Committee 

The Faculty Development Committee manages disbursements from the Accounting Faculty Development Fund. The committee is responsible for identifying and fostering activities that will enhance faculty development and for determining the faculty development activities that will be supported by disbursements from the Faculty Development Fund. Members are elected by participating faculty. 

Research Enhancement Program Committee 

The Research Enhancement Program Committee reviews the Department Journal List annually to ensure and maintain journal quality. The members of this committee consist of the faculty member elected to represent the Department on the McCoy College Research Enhancement Program Committee and additional members appointed by the Department Chair from the faculty holding Scholarly Academic, Practitioner Academic, or Scholarly Practitioner status as defined in CBAPPS 5.07, “Criteria for Faculty Qualifications.” The chair of the Research Enhancement Program Committee is appointed by the Department Chair; this committee chair maintains and updates the journal list. 

Governance Committee 

The Governance Committee coordinates the evaluation and revision of Department policy and procedure statements. This committee also facilitates the review of the Department of Accounting mission statement as deemed necessary to ensure that the statement reflects the Department’s unique mission and aligns with the College and University’s mission statements. The Governance Committee considers suggestions for changes to APPSs from any faculty member or other stakeholder, provides counsel to the Chair and the Department on policy issues, and coordinates votes of the faculty on any major revision of the mission or policy and procedures statements.  The Governance Committee membership is elected by the Department faculty, and consists of at least three Department faculty who represent tenured, untenured, and nontenure line faculty. The Chair of the Governance Committee is appointed by the Department Chair after consultation with the elected committee members.

Mission and Strategy Committee 

The Mission and Strategy Committee consists of the Department of Accounting Chair and the Department of Accounting Personnel Committee, the Mission and Strategy Committee guides the development of departmental strategic goals. At the discretion of the Department Chair, this committee may also include one or more representatives from tenure-track and nontenure line faculty. 

All faculty members are invited to participate in the strategic planning process. The strategic plan flows from the University to McCoy College and then to departments for input. The Mission and Strategy Committee ensures that the Department strategic goals complement those of the College and the University. The Mission and Strategy Committee is also responsible for goals related to Department financial matters. 

Personnel Committee 

The Personnel Committee monitors the progress of tenure-track and nontenure line faculty, reviews the documentation of candidates for promotion and/or tenure, discusses each candidate and votes by voice or paper ballot to approve or disapprove each candidate. The Committee is composed of tenured faculty; the Department of Accounting complies with the voting-related policies and procedures of the College and the University. (See related PPSs: UPPS 8.09, UPPS 8.10) 

Scholarship Committee 

The Scholarship Committee coordinates with the College Scholarship Committee and evaluates applications and awards department-level scholarships. The Department Scholarship Committee Chair serves on the College Scholarship Committee. The Committee separately awards any departmental undergraduate and graduate scholarships according to individual scholarship guidelines. The Scholarship Committee members are appointed by the Department of Accounting Chair. The Committee membership typically consists of the Committee Chair and one representative from each of the tenured, tenure-track, and nontenure line faculty. 

Student Development Committee 

The Student Development Committee coordinates student organization activities and is responsible for identifying and developing activities that will enhance student development. Membership on this appointed committee shall consist of the advisors to the Department’s student organizations. Other faculty and Accounting Advisory Board members may be appointed at the discretion of the Department Chair. 

VITA Committee 

The VITA Committee coordinates the Department’s Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program activities. The members of this committee are appointed by the Department chair. 



This APPS has been approved by the members of the Department Governance Committee and the Department Chair and represents the Department of Accounting policy and procedure from the date of the document until superseded. 

Review Cycle: September 1, E1Y (APPS Review Cycle Nov 20 2020)

Last Reviewed: 2020-2021

Next Review Date: 2024-2025