APPS 1.05 Advisory Board

Department of Accounting 

McCoy College of Business Administration 

Texas State University 

PPS 1: Organization and Stakeholders 

APPS 1.05 Advisory Board 


This policy statement addresses the organization and role of the Department of Accounting Advisory Board. The major components of this process are: 

  1. Objective (Purpose) of the Advisory Board 
  2. Nomination of Members 
  3. Meetings 
  4. Term of Office of Board Members 
  5. Activities (Expected Duties) of Members 


UPPS 03.05.01, Soliciting, Accepting and Processing Gifts and Grants from Private Sources 

AAPPS 1.02, Guidelines for the Formation of College Advisory Councils at College Level and Below 


Consistent with UPPS 03.05.01 and AAPPS 1.02, the Advisory Board of the Department of Accounting exists for the purposes of – 

  • Providing real-time professional practice input with respect to matters of curriculum, personnel, student advisory and placement services, and such other matters as may be requested by the departmental chair from time to time; and 
  • Spearheading such development and fundraising initiatives as may be requested by the departmental chair from time to time, and initiating proposals for such activities in order to assist the departmental chair. 


Advisory Board membership shall be at the pleasure of the departmental chair, who shall nominate, accept nominations, and remove members. Subject to such exceptions as determined 

by the departmental chair, the following criteria shall guide the nomination and removal of members: 

  • The Advisory Board shall consist of not more than thirty (30) active members. 
  • Members of the Advisory Board generally shall represent different professional practice firms, corporations, not-for-profits, governmental agencies and other external stakeholders. 
  • Members of the Advisory Board who fail to attend scheduled meetings or otherwise fail to actively participate in Advisory Board functions shall not be retained as members. 


The departmental chair shall call meetings of the Advisory Board at least once a year. Faculty and/or student organization representatives shall attend Advisory Board meetings as determined appropriate by the departmental chair. 


Advisory Board members shall be invited to become members with the express expectation that they shall remain and serve as active members for a minimum of two years. No formal re-nomination or reappointment process shall be necessary with respect to members actively serving. Notwithstanding the foregoing, continued service of any member of the Advisory Board is at the pleasure of the departmental chair. 


  • Consistent with the stated objectives (purposes) of the Advisory Board, the following non-exclusive duties and services to the Accounting Department are expected of members: 
  • Provide input to the departmental chair with respect to the development and continual review and refinement of curriculum offerings. 
  • To the extent consistent with state and federal law and Texas State University policies, provide input to the departmental chair with respect to personnel matters. This shall include assisting the departmental chair in the identification of potential new full-time, part-time, and adjunct faculty members. 
  • Affirmatively assist the departmental chair with fundraising activities, including, as appropriate, the provision of firm gifts and grants.