APPS 2.04.01 Curriculum Process and Procedure and Student Selection in Department of Accounting

Department of Accounting 

McCoy College of Business Administration 

Texas State University 

PPS 2: Program and Course Offerings 

APPS 2.04.01 Curriculum Process and Procedure and Student Selection in Department of Accounting 

The Department has a curriculum committee with all faculty represented as specified in PPS 1.03. The department elects a tenure-track faculty member to the college curriculum committee. Often, this is the same individual that chairs the departmental curriculum committee. 

A comprehensive review of curriculum and programs will take place every five years. Changes in the accounting curriculum originate in the department. Changes in the curriculum become necessary due to changes in the profession, GAAP, and professional examinations. Input is also provided by faculty, the accounting department advisory board, and student exit surveys. Course changes that are considered substantive and program changes must be approved by the department curriculum committee, then are subject to college and University approval as specified in the relevant University and college PPSs. 

Minor changes in courses require approval by the Department curriculum committee, and may require approval by the College curriculum committee. These changes are effective for the following semester. Choice of texts will be left to the faculty teaching the course. Generally, faculty teaching different sections of the same course will use the same text and cover the same topics. 

The department has two courses that are included in the core curriculum for the McCoy College of Business. Changes to these two courses (ACC 2361 and ACC 2362) receive additional input from the college curriculum committee and potentially from the college faculty as-a-whole. 

Additionally, the department has one course (ACC 2301) that is included in the business minor. Changes to the minor may involve changes to this course which may require input from the College administration or faculty.