APPS 4.05 Lecturers

Department of Accounting 

McCoy College of Business Administration 

Texas State University 

APPS 4: Personnel Recruitment, Appointment and Activities 

APPS 4.05 Lecturers 


This policy describes the qualifications and hiring process for faculty holding the rank of Lecturer in the Department of Accounting. 


02.01 Hiring lecturers will be at the discretion of the Chair of the Department of Accounting. 

02.02 The Department of Accounting adheres to University and McCoy College policies and procedures, but additionally asks for significant service and engagement in professional development activities that contribute to the faculty member’s currency in teaching.

02.03 Educational requirements: Lecturers are expected to have qualifications in accordance with accrediting body requirements. 

02.04 A Lecturer must be meet one of the AACSB qualifications defined in McCoy College CBAPPS 5.07 at the time of hiring and must maintain such status during their employment. Departmental expectations for Lecturers exceed those required by the University; in addition to teaching, faculty holding Department of Accounting Lecturer positions are expected to (a) engage in professional development activities that contribute to keeping the faculty member current in teaching and (b) provide community, professional, Department of Accounting, McCoy College, and/or University service. 

02.05 If a Lecturer holds a CPA, CMA, or other accounting-related certification and/or license at the time of hire, the Lecturer is expected to maintain that same license status during employment. Verification of license renewal is the responsibility of the Department Chair. 


This APPS has been approved by the reviewers listed below and represents the Accounting Department policy and procedures from the date of the document until superseded. 

Review Cycle: September 1, E5Y 

To Be Reviewed: September 1, 2022