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for TXST Accounting

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Read this before you submit your request!

  1. If you need a class, check the table at the top of the semester page (which is updated regularly) and register for an AVAILABLE class.
  2. We will not accommodate section preference of ANY kind for ANY reason.
  3. We will not accommodate requests to switch sections.
  4.  If other sections are open that work with your class schedule, your request will be considered a request for preference and will be denied.

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  1. If all sections are full, students can submit a course request using one of the corresponding semester links below.
  2. Make sure you fill out the form for the correct semester.
  3. Seats will be added regularly, so the chances you will get a seat in the course you need is very high. 
  4. Students needing a specific course to graduate will be given preference. However, for students who wait too long to put a request in, the odds of getting your preferred section are very low.

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Our goal with course requests is to help students get into the classes they need. Course requests are reviewed by department staff as they are received.

Once your request has been submitted, you will be notified of status via your TXST email within 2-3 business days.

***Checking your TXST email is CRUCIAL to successfully getting a seat in a course.***

Some examples of these email replies are listed below:

  • We’ve received your request and it will be processed on [specific date]. Please check your TXST email on [specific date] for instructions on registering for the course.
  • We will be adding seats to sections of your course at [time] on [date]. Please be prepared to register for an available seat at the designated time.
  • There are available seats in the course you requested. Please register for an available section. Because there are available seats in the course, your request has been denied.
  • You do not meet the prerequisite requirements to take this course and your request has been denied. Please check the academic course catalog to review course requirements.
  • We do not accommodate special requests to accommodate instructor, day, time, or other preferences. Please stay enrolled in your current section and check CatsWeb often for possible availability in your preferred section.

The Department of Accounting staff, in conjunction with the Chair of the Department, work hard to ensure students have ample opportunities to take the courses they need to succeed in the pursuit of their degree.

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Have questions? Please send a detailed email to the Department of Accounting. Thank you!