APPS 5.04.02 Policy Statement for Practitioner Journals for Tenure and Tenure-Track Faculty

Department of Accounting 

McCoy College of Business Administration 

Texas State University 

PPS 5: Personnel Evaluation, Reappointment, Merit and Promotion Decisions 

APPS 5.04.02 Policy Statement for Practitioner Journals for Tenure and Tenure-Track Faculty 

To be awarded tenure or promotion, quality scholarly publications are required. No number of below mid-tier publications or practitioner journals will be sufficient to obtain tenure if rigorous research in well-regarded scholarly publications is not present. Single authored publication in quality scholarly journals is encouraged. The department recognizes the benefit of publications by its faculty in accounting practitioner journals and, as such, includes those journals within its journal ratings. It has been noted, however, that some practitioner journals are only reviewed by an internal editor rather than being externally peer-reviewed. For promotion, tenure, and merit purposes, externally peer-reviewed papers carry greater weight than papers solely reviewed in-house. Confirmation of an external review process can be evidenced by the review comments provided to the author; faculty should retain such review comments in the event that such evidence is requested. The ranking assigned a journal at the time a manuscript is submitted will be the ranking used in determination of promotion, tenure, and merit, even should those rankings subsequently change by department vote. The occasional inclusion of an editor-reviewed article is considered acceptable as part of the entire research portfolio, but editor-reviewed articles to the exclusion of externally peer-reviewed articles is not considered acceptable for promotion, tenure, and merit processes.